Dear Google: An Open Letter On Women’s Sports

Last year, during the FIFA Men’s World Cup, otherwise and more commonly know as the World Cup, Google’s search results were on point. Remember these?

These were fantastic. You didn’t need to know where to look or exactly what to search. You could casually throw any old query at the Goog and get back all the information you required.

Fast forward one year:

What the hell happened, Google? No matter what I search, I only get webpage results. No aggregated data, no scores, not even a date for the upcoming US v Germany game.

Not cool, Google.

Women’s sports have a far lower viewership.

Yeah, and Google isn’t traditional media and suffers not at all from applying the same algorithms used last year to pull data to the top of the search results. When I can’t watch a game and want the score, it shouldn’t take me ten minutes to find a page posting live updates.

Do you know how you change viewership? Access and ubiquity. Put the game in front of eyes and people will watch. Exposure, that is the secret. Help us out, Google. I want more people watching world-class athletes, regardless of sex. I want the score when I search it, not ten minutes later after I find the right page.

Dear Google, please treat men and women’s sports equally.