Every summer, I take a little break from my normal writing routines. Sometime for vacation, sometimes because some folks are kicking a ball around the pitch. This summer, and just recently, it’s been because of a move.

It worked out that I finished a second full edit of the first Suzerain novel the day before the move. Couldn’t have worked out better, for a couple of reason.

First, I was tired of editing. Nice to put a full stop just before a huge chore.

Second, I was not having any fun. Most people who love writing hate some part of the process. I’d hazard to say that for most it is the part when you’re editing all by yourself.

I was quite looking forward to getting on to a new project I’ve kept percolating for a while now.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to settle in as quickly as I like. I wasn’t able to nest and so didn’t find any rush in getting back to my daily writing. Fortunately, this might have been for the best.

I’ve been reading over old notes on the project and getting a better picture of the story I’ll tell. I know the world and the details, as they exist for me, but had very little idea of what belonged on the page. I’m getting a little closer.

At the same time, I’m also reading some recently posted advice from Ursula K Le Guin and Stephen King’s On Writing, besides. I’m researching and thinking about how to write family drama.

I’m getting back into a comfortable pair of jeans after too many weeks in slacks and chinos. I’m feeling good and getting ready to do what I love to do. I’m getting back around to creating and just wanted to share that with some.

Thanks for caring.